Tuesday, October 11, 2016

70's Fall Dress

Dress for fall
I was looking to make a dress that I could wear with or without leggings as we head into cooler weather.   I had a muslin that I had adapted from the long-sleeve button up shirt pattern that I recently used for my pink shirt. The fabric for this dress came from the Salvation Army.  It has some of the brightest color I have seen in awhile--would it glow in the dark?    
Are they helping or impeding progress?
The fabric is pretty soft, I have no idea what the content is.  It was easy to cut and I didn't worry about matching the pattern.  Did I mention that the colors are insanely bright?  I took out the button-up front and added a seam in the back along with a zipper.  The sleeves got shortened and lost their cuffs. I also changed the neckline from a folded collar to just a round neck.  Finally, I added 2 inches to the overall length.
The finished dress had a very 70's vibe to it.  I paired it with boots for its first outing.  It was still warm in October when I wore this to work, but I will probably need to get some tights before I wear it again.

Look, the plants and I have matching bright fall foliage.

Exposed zipper in the back
The hem and sleeves were finished by hand.  The zipper is from a $5.00 bag of zippers I picked up at the thrift store awhile ago.  I can't imagine how I how I would ever use all the different types of zippers that are in that bag, but here's one project that benefitted from such a stash.  

I used my Pfaff 230 again for this dress.  It was already set up and ready to go from the last project. Next weekend I'll try out a different machine though---everybody wants a turn to sew for a bit. 

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  1. The dress looks great, probably because of all that feline help!